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2011 Tour de Turtle Featuring Bubbles

The 2011 Tour de Turtles kick off party and release of Bubbles was a lot of fun. The kick off event featured some delicious food from Petty's Meat Market and free drinks! It also featured a silent auction that helped raise money for the Sea Turtle Conservancy to continue its mission to protect sea turtles and educate the public.

The following morning was the release of Bubbles, the 325 pound Loggerhead Sea Turtle. While she was having the transmitter attached people were invited to come see her and learn a little about the species and the importance of the research in which Bubbles will participate. Meanwhile, at the Barrier Island Sanctuary, there was lots going on! Everyone was invited to get a Tour de Turtles stick on Tattoo and to stock up on sunscreen from our very generous sunscreen sponsors, Reef Safe Suncare. There were also activities tables where you could make a sea turtle shaped backpack and another where you could make a hand held sea turtle sign.

It was a ton of fun and great to see Bubbles start her race. We thank all the sponsors, including Little Tykes, and all the people who helped make this event such a great success. And most of all, a special thanks to all the people who came out to support the event and to further the cause of protecting sea turtles and their habitat.

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